What We Do

Our mission is to unlock value, quality, and population health opportunities for physicians and health plans by simplifying a complex care environment and elevating clinical results.

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Our end-to-end capabilities support physicians where they are

Explore our scalable people, process, and technology services that set you up for long-term success in value-based care.

Provider Enablement

We help physicians focus on the clinical, administrative and financial decisions required to succeed in value-based care with programs, clinical support and best practices.

VBC Strategy & Performance Management

We provide the data and processes needed to help organizations build and manage a high-performing network.

Data Insights & Technology

We collect and combine data from multiple sources to provide a foundation of actionable insights, tools and support to help physicians manage their patients and understand their performance in value-based contracts.

Patient Retention & Growth

We provide patient education, offer marketing support, and review local market dynamics to provide aligned practices with data to make informed decisions about health plan products.

The CareAllies Difference

Our capabilities stem from more than 20 years of engaging with organizations to understand the best way to manage physicians participating in value-based care and attract health plans.

We have the ability to assess current physician performance and collaborate with physician organizations and health plans to optimize value-based care contracts.

Our clinical teams have deep knowledge of practice operations and patient engagement with operational efficiencies and patient outreach support that offers physicians additional bandwidth.

We provide reporting and actionable recommendations to assist in patient prioritization and gaps-in-care closure without requiring changes to existing EHRs or workflows.

We build a long-term sustainable relationship between our dedicated, local team and physicians to help organizations prioritize the most effective actions for performance and growth.

Unlock a Holistic View of Population Health

We offer a unique EHR-agnostic population health platform that equips organizations to reduce medical expenses, improve risk adjustment accuracy, and deliver better outcomes through actionable data, all without requiring users to leave their EHR.

CareAllies Reporting and Analytics

Our comprehensive suite of summary dashboards and detail level reporting packages include contract performance, quality programs, gaps in care, cost utilization and trending, admissions and discharges, pharmacy management and patient stratification.

Explore examples of how our technology ecosystem transforms your journey from scheduling an appointment to coordination of care to follow-up documentation.



Wait for patients to initiate scheduling.


Understanding your population to efficiently prioritize patients who need proactive outreach and intervention. 

Pre-Visit Planning & Patient Encounter


Nurse or medical assistant (MA) manually reviews current medications and tests with patient and updates chart with information provided


Population health platform consolidates data, showcasing a patient longitudinal record that includes chronic conditions, medications, screenings, care gaps, and patient utilization. This allows for more comprehensive review and subsequent action in order to address care gaps and manage chronic conditions.



Physician sends prescription to the patient’s pharmacy but does not know if it was filled.


The population health platform tracks if prescriptions are filled, enabling the physician to follow up with the patient and address any barriers to care. It also allows physicians to understand all medications a patient might be on, regardless of prescriber.

Annual Wellness Visit


Physician or physician extender completes a lengthy form after the patient’s annual wellness visit.


Physician uses a streamlined attestation process with advanced logic, auto-populated details, including chronic conditions and visit logistics, reducing the double documentation burden and need for chart retrievals.

Transitions of Care


Patient has admission and/or discharge and physician received a fax message alert.


The population health platform aggregated regional and statewide Health Information Exchanges as well as authorizations to populate a near real-time list of patients who have been admitted or discharged. Optionality also includes PCP generated text messages to the patient for follow-up appointment scheduling.

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