CareAllies alleviates your operational challenges so you can perform your best in value-based care arrangements while focusing on the most rewarding endeavor: improving patient outcomes.


With a collaborative approach, we act as an extension of your practice helping primary care physicians and specialists optimize their care pathways, address gaps in care, enhance their actionable data insights & technology, and drive patient retention & growth.

Physician Office
Provider Enablement

We enhance the ability of you and your team to focus on the clinical, administrative, and financial decisions required to succeed in value-based care through programs, clinical support, and best practices.

Our tailored support includes:
Sharing best practices in clinical, operational and financial processes

  • Star ratings and quality performance support
  • Clinical workflow enhancements
  • Health Equity (SDOH) and clinical education programs
  • Identification of most frail patients
  • Chronic condition management support & outreach
  • Addressing gaps in care
  • Accurate documentation & coding
Care delivery network
VBC Strategy & Performance Management

We provide the data and processes needed to help you build and manage a high-performing, value-based network.

This support includes:
Set up and management of contracting structures and legal entities
Access to best-in-class value-based care contracts

  • Physician recruitment and retention, and key partnerships
  • Validation of PCP and specialist quality and efficiency
  • PCP and specialist contracting
  • PCP and specialist governance, capitation payments, and performance-based incentives
Ancillary and institutional contracting support
Best practices for care coordination including risk management and transitions of care
Clinical and financial reporting to identify areas for improvement
Data insights and technology
Data Insights & Technology

We collect, manage and analyze all available data from multiple sources (health plan, EHR/HIE connections, social insights) to help you: (1) understand your performance in value-based contracts across your population, and (2) create a holistic and longitudinal view of the patient, enabling you with better clinical decision support, using your existing EHR and workflow.

Our specialized services include:
Best-in-class cloud-based data aggregation from multiple sources

  • Self-service dashboards and reports
  • Patient stratification utilizing near real-time information
  • SMS texting to support patient outreach
Bi-directional data flow with EHR

  • Historical, current and suspected chronic conditions
  • Gaps-in-care
  • Recent utilization
  • Unfilled medications
Patient retention and growth
Patient Retention & Growth

We provide patient education, marketing support, and review local market dynamics to provide aligned practices with data to make informed decisions on retention and growth.

Our expertise lies in:
Analytics to drive growth strategy
Health plan product study and expansion
Licensed agent relationships and collaboration with practices

  • Patient education
  • Co-branded marketing Initiatives

Dive into metrics that underscore our unwavering dedication 
to physicians’ success in value-based care.

better than average non-managed practice¹
physician retention rate²
average annual payment to physicians³
Medicare allowable on average
Value-based Care Advisor for physicians for 7 consecutive years by Black Book Research
We guide and support you through any phase of your unique value-based care journey

We help you evaluate your organization, design an appropriate value-based care structure and strategy, and advise you how to move forward.

We help you heighten value-based contract performance with enhanced workflows that improve health care delivery and operational efficiency.

We provide you with leading cloud-based technology, actionable insights, and clinical and administrative experts who can provide backend support or collaborate directly with existing teams to help enhance PCP and specialist connections while elevating your overall value-based care performance.

"CareAllies comes in and provides us our data, but they don't stop there. They go the next step further."

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from physicians about how CareAllies has benefitted them and their patients.

“We improved a full 1½ Star Rating which was a direct result of the mutual communication and continuous education from CareAllies on how to better care for my patients based on metrics they provided to me.”

Cesar Gomez, MD, Internal Medicine

“By receiving additional reports [from CareAllies] that identify patients who may need extra help, I can extend the kind of care and attention I want to give to all my patients. CareAllies' value-based care nurses also connect me with patients who need a little extra support.”

Stacey Jones-Reed, MD, Family Medicine

“CareAllies is the most innovative company that I work with. Physicians are incentivized to always provide the highest care at the lowest cost and they also provide us with ancillary services that help us take care of our patients most effectively.”

Bill Baucom, MD, Internal Medicine

“In my longstanding collaboration with CareAllies, I've transformed into a more proficient physician, witnessing tangible improvements in medication adherence, diminished hospitalizations, and readmissions. Their commitment extends beyond conventional support, offering invaluable education that elevates coding precision and enhances conditions reporting. Together, we epitomize a healthcare partnership that not only transforms practices but also enhances the well-being of those under our care.”

Anuradha Reddy, MD, Rheumatology

“The data CareAllies provides us, as individual physicians, enables us to adjust our efforts or reach out to [patients] and do the right things for them.”

Clare Hawkins, MD, Family Medicine

“CareAllies' strengths are that they are responsive, honest, transparent, reliable and thoughtful. They are good people [who are] really looking out for our best interests.”

Physician from 2023 KLAS study
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1 CareAllies Informatics. Cigna Book of Business Analysis for members utilizing CareAllies IPA providers compared to non-CareAllies managed plan members, 2022

2 2020-2022

3 2020-2023