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Improve client satisfaction and health outcomes

We keep your clients happy.

Better retention

More satisfied patients and fewer complaints – 95% of patients are satisfied with their CareAllies-aligned primary care physician.1

Reduced service calls

CareAllies-aligned physicians make time for their patients, creating a personalized plan to help them understand their unique health goals.

Effective use of benefits

Each patient receives a detailed benefit explanation from the broker, so they know how to maximize the usage of the benefits in their plan. Following the review, the broker assists with scheduling the first appointment.

Improved health outcomes

Practices aligned to CareAllies typically provide services to patients that exceed those provided by health plan benefits. So, the sooner patients are established with a primary care physician, the closer they are to living happier and healthier lives.

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The CareAllies advantage for brokers

We make your life easy.

Physician relationships

We open the door to building mutually beneficial, lasting, and sustainable relationships with local physicians.

Marketing resources

We provide marketing materials with broker information and support event activities through practice engagement and participation.

Targeted physician engagement

You will work with physicians and practices that are engaged and ready to grow.

Access to physician office

We connect you with the CareAllies Provider Engagement team to enable seamless contact with key staff at the practice.

Broker support

We have a dedicated team ready to answer your questions and support you.

A unique and highly valuable client and customer experience

patient retention rate
ratings for breast and colorectal cancer screenings²
Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) completion²

Our reach, your advantage. Benefit from an expansive network of over 6,000 value-based care physicians and clinicians across 11 states and 1600+ locations.


Aligning for a positive patient experience

For a seamless and impactful partnership, the brokers we work with offer essential support
and services.

Broker feedback loop

Continuous feedback on aligned practices' participation and ideas for improvement.

Foundational understanding

A foundational understanding of value-based care, Medicare, and the health plans our contracted physician groups accept.

Patient-first decisions

A decision-making approach that puts the physician's patients first and provides patient education that reflects the patient’s values and day-to-day needs.

Physician consultations

Regular consultations with CareAllies-aligned physicians to discuss metrics, trends, and feedback.

Continuous follow-up

A focus on following up with their practice's newly enrolled patients and throughout the year to ensure a positive experience.

Health plans contracted with CareAllies-aligned physicians
And other national payers.
Not all plans are available in all states.

“Working with CareAllies-aligned providers has
been a new and invaluable experience for me this past year. Not only has it given the providers an experienced broker to refer their patients to, but
also the confidence that the patient’s health needs are first and foremost while keeping them with their current health care team.”

Michelle Puckett

Advocate Health LLC

"This model enables us a holistic, wrap-around approach to healthcare and helps to provide education to those in need. The collaborative efforts [between physician and broker] have really made a difference in the lives of those we serve. And the communication between the doctor, patient and broker has been instrumental in providing exceptional service and helps to remove barriers to accessing care. I have also experienced the ability to provide additional resources to a population that mostly needs quality care with very little financial means."

Donna Wheeler
American Senior Health Advisors

“The reality is that no one ever chooses to be sick - but sickness happens.  Each patient on Medicare would never choose to experience the confusion of Medicare - but Medicare is still extremely confusing.  We partner with CareAllies-aligned doctors because we want to make a strategic impact in the lives of patients by partnering with physicians and their management team that desire the same outcomes - less stress and better health for every Medicare patient. We exist to make life easy by making Medicare simple.  Our partnership with CareAllies-aligned doctors allows us to do that.”

Kelby Hightower, Elevate Insurance Group
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1 2023 Patient Satisfaction Survey, respondents ranked PCP 8+ on a scale of 1-10

2 CareAllies Informatics. Cigna Book of Business Analysis for members utilizing CareAllies IPA providers compared to non-CareAllies managed plan members, 2022