Practice Transformation Services

Committed to the improvement of your organization

CareAllies can help redefine key areas of your organization to support the successful shift from a model of care incentivized by productivity, to a model of care incentivized by value.

Practice Transformation Services

Practice Transformation Drives Clinical and Financial Success


We work with you to help:

  • Lower medical costs by improving efficiencies and effectiveness, enabling larger provider panels by maximizing team members and provider extenders, and optimizing code capture to drive revenue.
  • Improve patient outcomes by reducing disease burden and improving their physical and mental health. Close gaps in care by improving the populations' health and engaging patients in their care.
  • Increase care team satisfaction and job satisfaction by fostering leadership and teamwork. Develop a culture of continuous improvement and enable team members to work at the top of their licensure.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by enhancing their access to care and delivering "wow" moments in customer service. Improve patient engagement and better meet the needs of patients and caregivers.

Individual practice approach

On-the-ground practice support, tools and trainings to evolve your care teams and drive continuous quality improvement, using data to achieve desired results.


Engagement and education

Create an engagement and collaboration network across your organization to provide education, support and accountability to identify care gaps and help achieve clinical outcomes. With a focus on behavioral health, care transition management and advanced access strategies, we can help you enhance your patient care with our combined resources.


Quality and accountability infrastructure

Implement a physician-led quality infrastructure that provides oversight at the organizational level allowing leadership to:

  • Continually drive performance
  • Determine incentives and decision-making responsibilities
  • Implement advanced, collaborative models of care


Hear from providers how CareAllies has benefited them and their patients.

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Practice transformation enables physicians and their teams to bring their best selves to work by addressing many of the drivers of burnout and care fragmentation so that the full team can refocus on taking great care of their patients.

Julian Harris, MD
President, CareAllies
Houston, Texas

John Parente, MD, chief medical information officer for CareAllies, shares three ways technology can support providers as they transition to value-based care.

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