Home-based Care Delivery Services

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Alegis Care, a business of CareAllies, can work side-by-side with your patients in the comfort of their home to deliver direct patient care, comprehensive health assessment services and targeted care delivery programs.

Home-based Care Delivery Services

Support for physicians and their patients


Let Alegis Care help you to:

  • Manage patient care across the continuum – from chronic care to palliative care and transitional care.
  • Execute customized, clinician-directed care plans in the comfort of the patient’s home.
  • Identify gaps in care and capture HEDIS measures, as well as increase Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding opportunity and accuracy with comprehensive health assessments.
Physician smiling and looking at camera with paper
Physician smiling and looking at camera with paper
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Comprehensive health assessments

In-home health screenings and physical exams to give you a better view of all the possible concerns that may affect your patients' health. Close gaps in care and appropriately code HCC capture at the highest level of acuity and accuracy.

Complex care program

Complex care program

Collaborate with other health care providers to extend your reach and get your patients the care they need. Through this collaborative model of care, our nurse practitioners follow your care directives and provide recommendations for future care based on in-home services and observations.

Chronic care management

Chronic care management

Alegis Care can assume primary care services for your patients, right in the comfort of their own home. Through this in-home care model, we make accessing care more convenient and more comfortable. With a clear view of the patient’s health and daily home life, we’re able to develop highly personalized care plans aimed at improving health outcomes.


Client results over the course of one year*

*Alegis Care business reporting; full-year results for patients under the Chronic Care Management program.

The most important element of a patient physician relationship is trust. By taking our care and providers in the home setting we not only communicate the value of this relationship but expedite the process of building trust. This trust is what allows us to discover problems and issues that can bring wellness and health to our patients.

Mayank Shah, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Alegis Care, a CareAllies business

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