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February 14, 2018

Drivers and Trends on the Future of Value-Based Care

Nick Gettas, MD - Chief Medical Officer of CareAllies

Our first Valuable Insights webinar titled 'Value-based Tomorrow' focused on the drivers of value-based care and what the future of value-based care is shaping up to mean for independent physicians.

Population Health Management Investment Trends

Julian Harris, MD, MBA, president of CareAllies, led a discussion about evolving population health management investment trends and the future of value-based care. Drawing from his extensive professional experience in health care transformation, including having served as the health care lead in the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the chief executive of the $11 billion Medicaid program in Massachusetts, Dr. Harris offered unique insight on topics including:

  • Trends and drivers of value-based efforts
  • Public sector shift towards value-based payment
  • Value-based investment trends
  • Potential future paths for value-based care

Dr. Harris shared that one of the questions we often ask ourselves and receive from others is, "What are people doing to approach the shift toward value-based care?" At the heart of this question is understanding where our provider partners are in their transition to value and how we can help make their continued transformation easier.

Before discussing value-based investment trends, Dr. Harris conducted a live poll to ask participants what their organization is focused on in the shift toward value-based care.

Responses indicated the largest focus area was implementing technology/analytics and utilizing additional data to inform decisions. This is not surprising as we know transformation continues driving technological innovation to provide more robust data and analytics that helps providers make more informed decisions. For example, providers evolving their value-based care arrangements are seeking access to integrated, actionable information that makes it easier for them to learn more about their patient's entire health care experience. Having this type of foundational understanding creates greater opportunity to make decisions that deliver quality outcomes and enhanced affordability, while also enhancing patient and provider engagement.

The journey toward value is an ongoing evolution with a variety of factors that independent physicians must consider, including sustaining their business so they may continue caring for patients in their community.

Our next webinar - 'Who's driving the bus?' - will focus on top drivers of your financial performance and how to ensure you're taking the wheel. Beckie Croes, senior vice president of provider engagement for CareAllies, will offer insights on the traditional health care model, the industry's response to shifts in the model, and how providers should respond. Register Now to join the discussion on Thursday, February 22, 2018, at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Missed the January 'Value-based Tomorrow' webinar? Watch the replay!

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