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September 16, 2019

The Right Tools To Drive Change In Your Practice

John Parente, MD - Senior Medical Director, CareAllies

CareAllies’ Practice Transformation program is equipping physicians with the right tools to run a higher-performing practice and drive improvement in key clinical metrics. See how our unique approach helped two provider organizations achieve strong practice satisfaction results and process improvement outcomes after completing phase one of our three-phased program.

As a physician, I understand why providers have increasingly sought employed arrangements over the last decade in order to survive the increasing complexity of the health care environment.  However, employed arrangements have not lived up to the promises of less burden on physicians to run their practices, more extensive people and technology solutions to improve patient quality outcomes, and – as a result - better physician satisfaction and decreased burnout.

For example:   

  • An analysis published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine found no association between hospitals converting to employment-based affiliations with physicians and improvements in patient care, as measured by patient mortality rates, 30-day readmissions, length of stay or patient satisfaction rates.
  • A recent study found that physicians in small, independent primary care practices reported dramatically lower levels of burnout when compared to the national average.
  • The same study also found that self-employed primary care physicians earned an annual salary that was ~$22,000 more than employed physicians.
  • Similarly, among specialists, self-employed physicians reported earning ~$74,000 annually more than employed physicians in a 2016 report.

According to a 2019 report from Black Book Market Research, physician organizations are looking for a partner to help them transition to value-based models of care, while developing and managing their long-term strategy.

CareAllies, #1-rated by Black Book for value-based care solutions for physicians in this report, is a differentiated partner of choice for independent physicians - particularly for small to medium-sized organizations. We work with independent physician groups of varying dynamics, from groups of rural, single physician practices to more urban, multi-physician, multi-specialty groups.

Using a consultative approach, we work side-by-side with providers to help them achieve better health and better business so they may continue focusing on caring for their patients and making a positive impact in their community. We’re doing this every day by improving data and analytics capabilities, aligning incentives, and expanding our services to be flexible, cost-effective, and robust to meet the unique needs of each physician group. 

One such service is our Practice Transformation solution, for which I serve as the Clinical Director. Throughout a progressive three-phased program, our team equips physicians with tools to run a higher-performing practice that drives improvement in key clinical metrics.

Provider organizations in two Texas markets recently completed phase one of this program, achieving excellent practice satisfaction results and process improvement outcomes.

The following includes the survey results from the provider customers in these two markets:


Additionally, CareAllies’ providers stated they achieved the following results:


Having completed phase one foundational work, these practices will now take the next step in the practice transformation process to become Patient Centered Medical Homes. This will prepare them to advance even further into patient engagement and behavioral health.

See how a few of the physician leaders are transforming their practice in this video (6 min).

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