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CareAllies Joins America’s Physician Groups’ Board of Directors

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CareAllies bolsters its leadership in value-based care and its commitment to help their more than 9,500 physicians succeed.

Houston, TX, March 23, 2022 – CareAllies, a company that collaborates with health care organizations to help simplify and accelerate their transition to value-based care, announced today that it is now serving on the Board of Directors (“the Board”) of America’s Physician Groups (APG), a national association representing more than 335 physician groups advocating for a health care system that recognizes the value of risk-based, coordinated and accountable care. CareAllies’ president, Rob Cetti, will serve on the board on behalf of CareAllies, one of the few management services organizations with a seat on the board. With this appointment, Cetti will help guide APG’s efforts to advance an integrated, value-based health care system where providers are reimbursed for quality of care rather than quantity.

APG is a national association with approximately 170,000 physicians providing care to nearly 90 million patients. Their mission to help physician groups improve the quality and value of health care provided to patients aligns with CareAllies’ ongoing goal of unlocking value, quality, and population health opportunities for physicians and health plans.

“We’re delighted to welcome Rob and CareAllies to our board and have the chance to work closely with this truly innovative organization in value-based care,” said Susan Dentzer, president and CEO of APG. “Rob and CareAllies share our continued commitment to reshaping the landscape of primary care in this country."

“CareAllies simplifies a physician’s ability to provide high quality outcomes in a value-based environment, which is directly aligned to APG’s core values,” said Cetti. “As the U.S. health care system continues to evolve and embrace new payment structures, it is critical that the voice of the provider be considered throughout. We are certain that through collaboration with APG and all of its members, we will be able to encourage the adoption of value-based care to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.”

CareAllies has more than 20 years of experience working with payers and provider entities to support their transformation to value-based models of care. They provide solutions focused on strengthening connections between patients, providers, and payers to improve health, affordability, and the patient and provider experience.

Most recently, CareAllies was rated highest for customer experience among Value-Based Care Transformation and Strategy Advisors for the fifth consecutive year by Black Book Market Research, LLC.

Through CareAllies’ support in value-based strategy and implementation and APG’s vision to move from fee-for-service reimbursement systems, this board appointment can continue the work of ushering in value-based systems, helping provider groups improve quality of care and affordability while continuing to amplify the patient and doctor experience. For more information on CareAllies, visit www.careallies.com.


About CareAllies

Ranked the number one value-based care solution for physician organizations from 2018-2022 by Black Book Market Research, CareAllies works closely with physician entities and payers to accelerate the transition to value-based care models and help providers to manage the long-term health of their patients across multiple payers. CareAllies, a Cigna company, has more than 20 years of experience in delivering innovative value-based solutions driven by provider collaboration. CareAllies’ provider engagement capabilities, clinical model, governance support, and analytics and reporting that leverage population health data are just a few of the ways CareAllies works together to optimize patient care and the connections between providers, patients and payers. The CareAllies team works side-by-side with providers around the country to improve health and affordability while enhancing the provider and patient experience, making health care better for everyone. To learn more about CareAllies, including links to follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, visit www.careallies.com.


About America’s Physician Groups
America’s Physician Groups is a national association representing more than 335 physician groups with approximately 170,000 physicians providing care to nearly 90 million patients. APG’s tagline, ‘Taking Responsibility for America’s Health,’ represents our members’ vision to move from the antiquated, dysfunctional fee-for-service reimbursement system to a clinically integrated, value-based healthcare system where physician groups are accountable for the coordination, cost, and quality of patient care. Visit us at www.apg.org.

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